Sometimes we have a little fun here at Humboldt Storage and Moving when it comes to shooting videos about some of the moving mistakes people make. While some mistakes can cause customers money and time and add unnecessary stress to a move, sometimes those mistakes get resolved due to our trained moving professionals.

Nevertheless, the fewer mistakes everyone makes leading up to moving day will only help you have Peace of Mind as you journey to your next home. One mistake when moving is not having a plan for all your pets.

Make sure you know where your pets are on moving today

One thing you’ll find is that the Humboldt team loves pets and most of our crews are animal lovers. We are always happy to be greeted by a friendly dog or cat on moving day. However, after that, it is time to make sure that your pets are in a safe place before the moving crew gets started for the day. We suggest a couple of ways to make this happen. First, have a room in your home where your pets can stay while the moving crews do their job. That way, everyone will be safe, including the movers. You can also have a family or friend take your pets for moving day and care for them. And of course there’s always the doggy daycare.

The missing cat

Recently our movers had a situation where a homeowner’s cat went missing during the move. The homeowner did not keep the cat in a safe place and as a result, they could not find their pet. Once on the road, our movers heard a “purring,” and they found the cat safely tucked away in a sofa. And while there was a happy ending, it caused everyone a little bit of unnecessary stress.

Bottom line. Keep your pets safe on moving day.

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!