Humboldt’s Stan Rynkevic Awarded Van Operator of the Month by United Van Lines

Humboldt Van Operator - Stan

Humboldt Storage and Moving, the oldest moving company in Greater Boston has announced that Stanislav Rynkevic, a van operator with the moving company, has been awarded Van Operator of the Month for the Northeast region by United Van Lines.

Humboldt Storage and Moving is part of the United Van Lines family and each month, a dedicated moving professional within the United Van Lines network is recognized for their hard work and efforts. Over the course of many years, several Van Operators from Humboldt have been recognized for their dedication to helping families.

For Rynkevic or anyone to be considered for the award, a commitment to the customer service pledge is necessary along with a qualifying amount of accumulated driving miles. All van operators must also meet all safety regulations and ensure they are following all federal regulations that moving companies need to abide by.

“Stan is one of our true assets here at Humboldt,” says James Sullivan, president of Humboldt Storage and Moving. “Stan and others go out of their way to make sure all our customers are relaxed, every part of the move is focused on safety and that we do what we say we’ll do for the customer.” Congratulations, Stan!


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