The idea of moving to a new place with new people and having to leave everything you know behind can really create a lot of anxiety for kids. With this in mind, Humboldt recently brought our “Driver Dave” program to the 4th grade students at Lt. Peter M. Hansen Elementary School in Canton, MA.

Speech in elementary school gym

Humboldt’s “Driver Dave” program teaches kids about geography, math, reading, writing, history, and road safety by having “Driver Dave” give the children a quick lesson about his job and a first hand tour of his tractor trailer. Humboldt’s President, Jim Sullivan notes: “On top of the educational value, the program teaches kids that moving can be an exciting and fun experience instead of a scary and stressful time.”

Pen packets

As Driver Dave travels throughout the country and stops at national landmarks from October to May, the students receive postcards, letters and souvenirs from him. He also tests their knowledge of the landmarks, rivers and states and asks them to help calculate his mileage, travel time and fuel.

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