New England Winter Moving Tips

If you live anywhere in New England, then you are fortunate enough to live in one of the most picturesque parts of the country. There is so much to see and with just a short drive, you can be near the ocean or by the mountains in no time. As a moving company in Boston we are also fortunate to be able to do business here.

The crews love all the seasons they get to work in and there is never a dull day as they transport families from one location to the next. Even moving in the winter, with some challenges, can still be a classic New England scene. You might be stressed about moving during this time of year with all the elements, but we are here to make it so much easier and relaxing for you.

Our professional crews and team have years of experience moving in all seasons including the cold weather season months. They have come up with a number of things you need to consider if you are moving this winter.

Planning for extreme weather conditions

If your move requires you to do so in the colder months, you will need to plan as much as possible. While we always recommend planning ahead for either a local move or long distance, moving in the winter as you might imagine can have its challenges day to day. In New England, one day it can be snowing and before you know it the sun is out. Each one of these can affect your move.

In short, if you know you need to move and it’s going to happen in the snowy season, contact your moving company as soon as possible. In fact, contacting them should be your first choice when you need to relocate. If you have moved before, then you know all the ins and outs including packing, sorting, donating items and getting things on and off the moving van. Throw in some snow and maybe a little ice, and a move could be a little more complicated. We will say it again. Plan ahead.

Safety first

Always consider the safety of your family and of course the moving crews first. Moving day can be very fast paced, people traveling all over your house, carrying boxes and furniture, and during the winter you need to stay as safe as possible. Make sure all the walkways, pathways and your driveway are clear from any snow and ice before the crew shows up. Keep the shovels handy and continue to keep those areas clear of anything that anyone could slip and fall on.

You will also want to make sure that you keep ice melt, or some sand on hand if you are relocating in the winter. We want you to relax on moving day but if someone gets hurt, that will not put you or the moving crew at ease at any point during your relocation. Our crews are always taught to keep safety first and if you work together with them, you’ll have a smooth moving day regardless of the weather.

Have a backup plan

The teams we have here work in just about every type of condition you can imagine. We have to because your relocation depends on it. But during this time of year, you should have a backup plan in the rare occurrence your move cannot take place on the set date.

Use professional residential movers

If you are planning to move in the winter, you may just want to rethink asking your friends to help you move. Professional moving companies know how to move in all types of weather in scenarios. The right local moving company will train everyone for all kinds of weather. If you want to keep all your household items safe as well as everybody helping you move safe, you should hire professionals.

The last thing you want on a winter move is for your friends or family to get hurt.

Double check utilities

Most likely, it is going to be cold on moving day. You would be well served by double checking with your utility company at your new home to make sure that all your utilities are hooked up and running properly. The last thing you want to happen is to get to your new home and have no electricity or no heat. It takes nothing more than a simple phone call to make sure that your utilities are ready for you at your new home.

Dress appropriately

If you have lived in New England for any period of time, then you should know you need to dress appropriately. But make sure you have extra clothing available on moving day that is easily accessible. Keep extra jackets, sweaters, and a few sets of gloves just in case you need them. You do not want to get stuck in a situation where you and your family are freezing because you packed all your warm clothing. And if you have to shovel periodically during the day of your relocation, those extra gloves will come in handy.

Are you planning a move this winter? Contact our expert team today to find out how we can give you the most relaxing winter move ever. We are ready to serve your family.

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