If you’re looking for a local storage company this year you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. Many factors are driving the availability when it comes to storage warehouses so it’s important to understand these circumstances if you need to store items temporarily.

Delays in international moving can drive demand for storage

Because of the ongoing delays in ports, especially on the West Coast, there have been delays in international moving. As a result, more and more families that need to move out of the country are utilizing climate-controlled storage until containers become available for their move. International moving companies such as Humboldt are seeing an increase in the demand for storage services.

Need storage for a remodeling project? Plan now

One of the best ways to speed up any type of home renovation is to get the items out of the house and place them into climate-controlled storage. If you’re planning a renovation in your home or a smaller remodeling project, you want to make sure that you arrange for proper storage as soon as possible.

Climate controlled storage is your best option for high-value items

If you need to store items of value such as art, antiques, wine collections, or other prized possessions, make sure you are using climate-controlled storage. You don’t want to place these items in an outdoor storage unit. Make sure you’re planning ahead and call a storage company that can control the temperature and humidity and has the availability.

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