Moving your office can be an overwhelming thing. So, where do you even start? The first thing you should do is communicate with your employees. Make sure they know what the game plan is, where you are moving to and what the timeline will be. If everyone is aware of what is happening you can get through the move together. When it gets closer to approaching the actual move it can be easy to just consult your management team. However, if every department is involved you can get feedback from each of them, find out what is important to them and what will make the move less stressful for all involved. If you get all departments involved then everyone will know what the goals are. One goal for businesses is to avoid downtime when moving. Some businesses do this by moving on the weekend, but this may not work for all businesses. It’s key to communicate with your employees about the move, maybe they can work remotely for a period of time. But, remember that your businesses servers and phones will be down for some t