Did you know that 70% of moves happen in the summer? Moving companies are very busy during the summer months because school gets out, houses start to sell and everyone wants to move. So if you plan on moving during the summer it’s important to plan as far in advance as possible. As soon as you know you are moving and will be using a professional moving company call them right away. To get reviews on your local moving companies you can go to movingscams.com, ask friends, or check with the Better Business Bureau so you know you are working with a legitimate mover. It’s good to get several estimates, but stick to 3 and stay with legitimate movers so you have a good frame of reference in terms of pricing. How do you avoid being scammed by rogue movers? No one is excited about paying for a move, but if you choose to work with professional movers here are some things to look for. Some rogue movers offer prices that are enticing because they are way below what a professional mover charges. The risks of using a rogue mover includes missing items, actual cost double or triple the estimate and the movers are not professional. If you choose to work with a mover work with a professional mover, such as United Van Lines or other major Van Lines so you know what you are getting. Children are often involved in summer moves because of the time of year. Get the kids to think of the move as an adventure and they will be excited about it. Here at Humboldt we have coloring books, a moving plan, moving t-shirts to help our customers children get involved in the move. Talk with your children about going to the new home, how they will pack their things. If it becomes an adventure the whole family becomes involved in the moving process. So, plan ahead, avoid scams, include your kids and you will be outside enjoying the summer instead of worrying about your move.

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