Moving can be stressful for many people as there are many decisions to be made to ensure a smooth relocation.

When you are moving with a family member that has special needs, the preparation and decision making does become more complex. You as a family member want to make sure that your loved one with special needs has the appropriate accommodations and of course care before, during and as they live in their new home.

From our experience, here are a few recommendations and critical decisions that need to be considered when moving a family member with special needs.

Close proximity to support services

Caring for a family member with special needs can require many types of services. And because caregivers have a big responsibility, you’ll want to do your homework to make sure that the services you require are within a close distance from your new home. That would include healthcare facilities as well as therapeutic services, including the specialists your family member needs for proper support.

Accessibility is important in a new home

If your family member has any type of physical limitations, you’ll want to have thoroughly inspected your new home for accessibility. That can include wider doorways and hallways in the home, accessible bathrooms as well as the consideration of a single level home. If those are not evident, there should at least be the ability to have a professional contractor make these adjustments.

Social services and other community support

Factors to consider when moving to a new community are the availability of social services or other community organizations that can provide assistance and necessary support. You should also consider the availability of either public transportation or other reliable transportation services that can accommodate your family member with special needs.

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