National Relaxation Day is an important day as we all need a break from the fast-paced and often hectic lifestyles we live especially since here at Humboldt Storage & Moving – we are passionate about addressing the worries and stresses associated with relocating – we strive for stress-free moving!

Taking time to recuperate and rejuvenate our tired minds and bodies may help prevent many health risks. Like the founder of this day suggested, too much work can make us sick, run down, tired and that’s just wrong! It has been proven that stress can be harmful to our health, both mentally and physically. Most doctors will agree that finding ways to relax and finding ways to reduce stress will improve overall health.

Celebrate this national holiday at these 6 deeply soothing spots in Boston.

Inman Oasis


Inman Oasis in Cambridge, MA is a welcoming environment offering hot tub soaks and massage therapy in a feng shui designed space including 3 massage rooms and 3 hot tubs. People go to Inman Oasis for self care, therapeutic relaxation, and community.

Yelp Review : “I booked a private hot tub… It was an amazing experience. We felt so relaxed and ready for bed afterwards. Inside the private room, there are towels, bathrobes, cold water… Totally worth it, I will go back again soon.”

The Esplanade

View of Boston from the water

The Esplanade is the stretch of public green space that extends for three miles one way along the Boston shore of the Charles River from the Boston Museum of Science to the Boston University (BU) Bridge. In addition to providing a beautiful natural landscape, the park is home to the iconic Hatch Memorial Shell, various historical monuments, recreational facilities, and over five miles of pathway for walking, running, or biking.

Yelp Review : “One of my most favorite parks, from sunrise to sunset… Running along the river around summer time is the best. Spectacular views. Love the docks with people just mingling, the benches that face the river… Must go during spring and summer.”

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Modeled after a Venetian palazzo, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston houses one of the world’s most remarkable art collections. When Isabella Stewart Gardner created her museum she wanted it to be “for the education and enjoyment of the public forever.” It’s important to know that Isabella designed it as an immersive environment. The result is a highly singular collection that includes not just art but also flowers and plants, textiles, furniture, and architecture. As Isabella said, “it’s my pleasure,” but it is likely to be yours as well.

Yelp Review : “The place was quite chill and relaxing––it really transported me out of the business and noise and buzzing of downtown!”

Walden Pond State Reservation

Walden Pond

Walden Pond, located in Concord, MA, was once home to the renowned author, Henry David Thoreau. Now part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Forests and Parks system, Walden Pond State Reservation comprises 335 acres of protected open space, where visitors come to experience the pond that inspired Thoreau. Thoreau’s sojourn at Walden started a long tradition of people coming to the pond and its surrounding woods for inspiration and recreation. They also come to hike, swim, fish, canoe/kayak, and cross country ski.

Yelp Review : “I go numerous times every year. Love it to go kayaking and just hang out when the weather is nice. I always bring my kayak, so I get to park by the boat ramp, which is nice.”

Frost and Float Spa

Frost and Float spa

Frost and Float Spa in Newton, MA is the first spa in the New England area to offer Cryotherapy, Float Therapy and Infared Therapy all in one place! They are a spa, but their main focus is health. They entered this field because they believe in alternative methods of health and wellness.

Yelp Review :  “This is the most relaxing thing I have ever done for myself. I left the tank feeling like I had a complete body massage and slept for 20 straight hours. It also relieved my anxiety and chronic knee pain.”

Cambridge Center Roof Garden

Cambridge Roof Garden

This secret rooftop garden in Cambridge, MA offers city views, pathways, benches & picnic tables. The Roof Garden is located on top of the Green Garage, handicap accessible from both Broadway and Main Street. This beautifully landscaped garden hosts the urban gardens program with Green City Growers as well as seating and open space for enjoying lunch or just relaxing.

Yelp Review : “This area is beautiful and green, and it’s just on a rooftop in Cambridge! A beautiful get away without having to go away.”

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