HGTV Dream Home Blog:

Humboldt Storage & Moving was honored to be apart of the HGTV Dream Home 2021 sweepstakes. The dream home, located in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island sits on a stunning waterfront property with an outlook over the surrounding water. Humboldt was tasked with assembling a crew to take an inventory, protect the furniture and items, deliver the items, and unload the furniture and accessories to be staged in the beautiful waterfront home. “We were thrilled when we were contacted to be a part of this important project, says Jim Sullivan, president of Humboldt Storage and Moving. “Every day our professional crews are responsible for bringing families through a brand-new journey. This goes to show you that moving to a new home does not need to be stressful and can be an exciting adventure. I know our team members were incredibly proud to be part of somebody’s new dream home and took great care to make every step perfect.”

Our Humboldt moving team was comprised of experienced and knowledgeable members who were adequately prepared to help service HGTV’s Dream Home. The Humboldt crew inventoried each item, properly protected the furniture with pads to ensure its arrival to the site and safely transported the items and accessories to the HGTV Dream Home. “We get to move all types of families in all different locations. Being able to be part of the Dream Home project was such an exciting day,” says one of the Humboldt crew members. “Not only were our crew members excited to be a part of this project, but it was a stunning setting and made our time on the project much more enjoyable. We also had the chance to show just how much care we put into any move. We get the chance working for Humboldt to move families into their own dream home on many occasions, but we were proud to work on this particular Dream Home for HGTV.

When the Humboldt crew arrived on site, they first walked the property to see where each item was to be placed. Next, they laid rug runners and attached door pads to all entry and walkways to ensure that the home was well protected before unloading the items.

The Humboldt moving team collaborated with HGTV affiliates and effectively communicated with team members to ensure all furniture and accessories were safely moved into the home, placed in their assigned rooms, and properly assembled. The Humboldt moving team then took direction from the HGTV design team by moving the furniture and items where they needed to be to make the rooms look best.

For more information and pictures of the HGTV 2021 Dream Home click the link below. We look forward to following the HGTV 2022 Dream Home Sweepstakes!

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