Humboldt Storage & Moving crew members recently completed a 2 day extensive “International Moving” training.


Lead by Humboldt International Managing Director, Steve Dozois, the training consisted of:

4-5 hours of video classroom training including:

  • Preparation of the residences prior to beginning work in residence.
  • Review of various shipping options available including: Steamship containers, wooden lift vans for smaller shipments, air containers, and variable size containers.
  • Packing techniques for international moves.
  • Wrapping techniques for wrapping various kinds of furniture and goods.
  • Techniques to pack/wrap for density & space saving techniques.
  • Loading techniques of a container, lift van, and various air containers.
  • Review of various documents that are required including bill of ladings, inventories, Power of Attorney forms, 2 forms of ID required from customers for security purposes, etc.
  • Completing delivery to residence with proper steps for unloading, unwrapping of goods and unpacking boxes.

1-2 hours of documentation training including:

  • What documents are required for export clearance from the US.
  • Customs regulations and requirements for destination countries.
  • Proper completion of inventory process for Customs purposes.
  • Review of allowable and non-allowable items.
  • US and foreign governmental documents required for shipping goods out of the US.

1 full day of hands on training in the warehouse including:

  • Proper packing.
  • Wrapping techniques.
  • Proper loading techniques for loading a steamship container.
  • Loading of a wooden lift van and air containers.
  • Proper unloading techniques of shipment into residence.
  • Unwrapping of goods.
  • Set up of goods in the home.
  • Unpacking.

Congratulations to the hard working team members who completed this training: Barry Pomerleau, Ray Hughes, Mike Bates, Lance Peterson, Kevin Morrison, Liam Keough, Marian Dragan, and Eric Furey.

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