Moving requires a mindful eye to details especially when you are faced with mitigating circumstances like not finding a house or apartment in your new area or a when a new house remodel takes too long. Being in location limbo requires finding a place to store items you may not be able to keep in your temporary location. This Boston moving company has over 100 years of experience relocating people and their precious belongings as we are the oldestmoving company in Boston. We have a vast storage facility that is partly climate controlled to keep items safe and protected. Over the years we have seen ways to best store belongings and have a few tips for you to consider during your move: And check out the video below for more advice. Keep lists: During the moving process there are a million details to manage along with tracking all of your belongings. When you need to store items it helps to list what is being stowed away to better manage belongings as well as to ensure you are not moving items you need on a day-to-day basis. Climate control protection: Irreplaceable items like family heirlooms, delicate furniture and expensive artwork require a climate controlled storage environment. These carefully monitored storage areas have strict requirements on temperature, humidity and light. Safety features are built in to alert of any atmosphere changes ensuring your belongings are protected. Do you really need it? Do your best to remain objective when packing and considering items to store during a move. If you have not used it and do not need it; do not pay to move or store it. You can save a sensible amount of money by taking a moment to reasonably contemplate what you truly need to take to your new location. Access is everything: Do not store items you may need to access; they may be difficult to retrieve for a much longer period than expected. Be realistic in what you will need during your transition to eliminate stress and frustration. A little extra thought and effort is necessary when planning a move that requires storage. During this temporary interruption be mindful of what you need to keep your life running smoothly. An experienced and reputable moving company like Humboldt will manage details while giving personal items a protected storage environment to ensure peace of mind during a hectic time.

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