As an agent for United Van Lines, we can offer our clients the moving industry’s largest company-operated fleet of auto transporters. United is the leading national moving company offering auto transportation. Our open-sided and enclosed car carriers provide safe, professional car shipping service anywhere our network of agents deliver.

Learn how to prepare your vehicle for shipment / transport with these helpful tips:

  1. Wash Outside
    It is important to wash your vehicle before it is picked up for relocation. With a clean car, you and your transport company will be able to easily distinguish any scratches or dents to note before the move.
  2. Clean Inside
    During the move, your vehicle may be shifted or bumped around. Secure any loose change, air fresheners, cables and wires, etc. You should remove any personal items from the vehicle, including electronics. Typically, transportation companies will not insure any items left in the vehicle and will require that all personal items are removed. Don’t forget to remove any toll transponders as these could be charged along the route.
  3. Check Your Insurance Coverage
    Check with both your car insurance company and your auto transport company to determine the coverage on your vehicle.
  4. Don’t Gas Up
    A full tank of gas can make your vehicle heavier – which can add $ and risk to the shipment. Aim to leave as little fuel as possible in the tank (ideally 1/4 tank).
  5. Check For Leaks
    A leak could be grounds for your transport company to refuse your shipment. Thoroughly check your undercarriage and motor for leaks prior to loading. Leaks could not only affect your vehicle, but vehicles underneath if it is loaded on the top rack of a multi-car carrier.
  6. Check Tire Inflation
    Tires should be properly inflated to the factory recommendations. Under,over, or unevenly inflated tires are just as risky during transport as they are on the road. You could be increasing the risk of damage to the tires or the vehicle itself. Improperly inflated tires can be extremely hazardous when loading the car on or off the truck.
  7. Remove Custom Accessories
    Any removable custom pieces should be taken off before transport. Consider removing the antenna if it screws in. Items such as bike racks, spoilers, fog lights, etc. can change the size, weight, and shape of a vehicle and can be easily broken or lost during the transportation process.
  8. Lock Vehicle
    Once your vehicle has been loaded, request that it is locked. There is no reason for it to be open again until delivery.
  9. Extra Set Of Keys
    You must give your car keys over to the mover. Let them know in advance if there are any special features including key-less entry or alarms on the vehicle. Car alarms should be temporarily disable as it could drain your battery or delay your shipment. Be sure to keep an extra set of keys in case they are lost or misplaced by the movers.
  10. Take Photos
    Carefully document any dents, scratches, and the general condition of the car including both the inside and outside of the vehicle. Cover every angle. The auto transport company will typically do an inspection before loading. Make sure you are on the same page as far as existing damages and the condition of the vehicle. Take a photo of your car’s odometer for your records and peace of mind.

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