As you can imagine, we get a lot of questions from customers when it comes time to move. As a moving company in Boston we hear so many questions about moving. People are stressed out with the list of things they need to do to get moving and on that list usually is what to do with all that “stuff” they have packed away in their homes for many years. George Carlin called it something else but we won’t go there… When it comes moving time, families start to go through the attic and the basement and sometimes they get a little stressed out because they had no idea just how much they have amassed over the years. A few tips can help out sort things out a little; Give to family members. It’s a great time to give those unwanted items to the family. But if that’s not an option, you’ll need to find other methods of getting rid of those household items. First, you may find a considerable amount of items that you can just throw away. We move a lot of families each year and the things we see that people have just tucked away in their homes for years is interesting… yeah, interesting is the word… One very viable alternative is donating items. You can donate everything from unwanted furniture to books to the food in your old home. If you are downsizing, its particularly attractive as you’ll need the space in your new home, it will cost you less to move and you’ll be doing some good in your community by donating items that others can use. Want even more ideas? Check out my conversation with Jim on this subject.

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