Don’t just blindly hand over the care, custody, and control of your beloved belongings to a storage facility or warehouse without doing your research. Our team of Humboldt Experts recommend asking the following questions when selecting your storage solution.

Row of vaults in a storage facility

Is the space temperature or climate controlled?

If your belongings include items that may be sensitive to temperature or humidity changes – you want to pay special attention to this question. “Temperature Controlled” storage typically refers to the storage temperature being maintained with a controlled range. Whereas “Climate Controlled” storage includes both temperature and humidity controls. Ask what range of temperature or humidity will be maintained within the storage facility. Facilities that are not temperature or humidity regulated or outdoor storage can lead to long-term exposure to high humidity, and hot or freezing temperatures, which can damage belongings. Items that typically need temperature or climate controlled storage include: wooden furniture, leather furniture, pianos, photos or documents, wine, comics, musical instruments, artwork / oil-based paintings, electronics, etc.

Who has access to my storage? When can I access my storage?

Knowing who exactly has access to your treasured items is imperative. Ask the storage facility who will have access to your space. In self storage, most times, you will have your own lock and own key to the space and only you have access during predetermined business hours. In a warehouse, your items may be stored in a sealed storage vault or even out in the open. Be sure to ask who, if anyone, has access to your stuff. Also remember to ask when and how YOU can have access to your storage space. You will likely need to schedule this in advance with the warehouse and there may be a fee associated with this service.

What security measures are in place?

Great followup to the above question of access. Does the facility have secured entrances, cameras, monitors, guards, alarm monitoring, sprinklers? Ask the facility or warehouse to give you a full rundown of what security measures they have in place to keep your items safe.

What is the facility upkeep/cleanliness?

Visit your potential warehouse or storage space in person. Take special note of everything from the parking lot, to the office area, to the hallways, and loading areas. These areas can speak volume of the cleanliness of the entire facility. When visiting the storage space itself, keep an eye out for debris, trash, animal droppings, food, etc. Ask staff what their pest control policy entails. A clean facility will help keep your items from damage.

Doing your research and asking the right questions will ensure your belongings return to you in the same condition they entered storage in.

Humboldt Storage and Moving owns and operates a secure storage warehouse with both temperature and climate controlled storage options. Monitored 24/7 with modern, high tech security systems and climate control technology. This 132,000-square-foot warehouse storage facility is equipped to store priceless works of art, as well as your living room furniture and everything in between. You can choose either a short- or long-term storage situation – whatever fits your needs. And for those customers who require warehouse storage outside of Massachusetts, Humboldt can arrange storage through our sister United Van Line agents. Our modern climate-controlled storage facilities and inventory monitoring systems are just one more way that Humboldt ensures your peace of mind and reduces your stress. Tour our warehouse HERE.

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