Creating memories as a child is something that is just part of growing up. And when children are moving to a new home, positive memories are an important part of what could be a delicate transition for your children.

The more your family can help your children create those meaningful memories, the better the moving process will be in the moment, and the post move may just go a little smoother for your child’s emotions.

Here’s a few ways that we have found children can create those positive moments around the move to a new home.

Children can create a scrapbook or a journal

Work with your kids to create a scrapbook with various photographs and even drawings about their journey to their new home. If your children are a little older, maybe they can journal their thoughts about what they like about your previous home and the exciting journey ahead of them. Getting these thoughts on paper will help them process it and hopefully embrace the moving experience.

Create a memory wall in your new home

When your children get to the new home and explore their new room, you can suggest they design a memory wall. It could be something as simple as a bulletin board where they can display pictures, drawings and even other mementos from your previous home.

Create new memories when moving to a new home

Your children will need to embrace your new home and your new surroundings so find ways to help them create new memories. You can throw a housewarming party and have your children involved in the planning such as decorations or preparing invitations. You can also be proactive in meeting your new neighbors which will help your children feel more comfortable.

Moving with children can be successful and less stressful if you prepare them with the right tools and strategies.

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