host a garage saleWhen moving to a new home, it’s best to get rid of furniture and items that won’t fit or belong in your new home. One of the best ways to get rid of excess clothing and furniture is to host a garage sale. A garage sale is great for recycling unwanted goods, saving them from a landfill and getting extra money that can help fund your move. Here are some ways to help you host a garage sale effectively.

Steps to Take in Selling Your Goods

  • Take stock and gather the goods – Start by going through every room and make a pile of everything with which you’re comfortable parting. Part only with the things you don’t need. Look under beds, within closets and deep in cabinets for hidden items you may have stored and forgotten long ago. People find value in things you might not, so don’t be afraid to add whatever items you wish to part with.
  • See if you need a permit – It may be a surprise to some, but many cities require permits to host a garage sale. You can run the risk of hosting one without a permit, but a hefty fine is the last thing you need if you get caught. Contact the clerk at your city town hall to clarify if permits are necessary. Most cities offer an option to apply online.
  • Advertise your sale – A sale needs ample advertising to be successful. Drop some money on a newspaper ad (people still read them) if you have enough funds to afford one. You should also advertise online on sites like Craigslist, Yard Hopper and Garage Sale Source. Don’t forget the power of social media – post the details of your sale on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr and let your followers do the work for you! Ads should be posted at least a week before your sale, and social media should be updated consistently leading up to the sale, but don’t flood your social timelines or you may risk followers hiding or blocking your posts.
  • Post signs and directions – Like garage sale permits, most cities have laws regarding posting garage sale signs. Contact the clerk at your local police station to determine what is and isn’t allowed. Once you’ve found out the rules, make sure your sign is large and visible but still meets legal standards. Post it by major thoroughfares and make it large enough for the average passersby to notice. Keep it simple with “Garage Sale” as a title, your address and an arrow pointing toward your sale’s location.
  • Sort and price your items – Sort and categorize items by price to make it easy for customers to find items in their ideal price range. Make clear prices with visible labels on racks and boxes. Divide men’s, women’s and children’s clothing items. Box items can easily be misplaced by buyers, so label each item with their price using manila tape and a sharpie.
  • Engage buyers – Garage sales are different than traditional shopping experiences like Target. Customers will engage and try to haggle with you on the price of your goods. It’s best not to be pushy with customers, as they’ll come to you. Stick to what you know – if you paid a lot for your couch, don’t feel pressured to stay with your initial asking price. Haggle with items that you know you can part with, but get the value of your bigger items back by sticking to your guns with initial asking prices.
  • Dispose of the leftovers wisely – It’s likely you will have leftover items once your sale concludes. Instead of leaving them on the curb with a “Free” sign attached, take your goods to Goodwill and you can save on taxes! Ask for a receipt from the donation center and file it away later for tax deductions on your income taxes.

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