Just recently we packed up the family for a vacation and a business trip for me.  The family consists of my wife (Illona) and three children (Hannah 6, Braydon 4, and Declan 2).  We left Boston on Nov. 1st to head to San Diego and then off to Palm Springs for themoving company convention before we would return to Boston eight days later.  For any of you who have not had the luxury of travelling with three little ones on a plane it is always an adventure.  I am sure many of you have had to sit through a screaming child on a long plane ride.  If not, your time will come soon.  Well picture this on our return flight we left Palm Springs at about 5pm e.s.t. and arrived smoothly in Denver.  In Denver that is where our luck changed after boarding the flight and being told we would be pushing back in a few minutes the plane did not move.  Shortly there after the announcement came that the door which we had boarded through seemed to have a plastic piece that was malfunctioning.  The door was not showing as shut and we could not leave.  The pilot quickly told us the mechanic