At this Boston moving company, we love to pack boxes. Doesn’t everyone? It’s part of what we do for our customers and we enjoy making sure their entire journey from start to finish is as stress-free as we can possibly make it for them.

But we do realize that for some, packing is the most stressful part of the move. It’s that time when you finally realize just how much “stuff” you have. It can be daunting.

Another part of the packing process is knowing what you should pack and what you should leave out. You will need access to certain items on short notice or when you arrive at your new home and you might not be in the mood to go searching for them.

Let’s discuss what you should not pack on moving day:

Moving Day Essentials


In many cases a family might just order food on moving day. But if you get to your new destination late at night and you don’t know where shopping might be, it’s a good idea to make sure you packed your food items with you instead of on the moving truck. If you have cases of canned good you purchased from the warehouse store, then yes, its alright to pack that. But you should not pack any perishable goods or food that help you get through the evening at your new home.


Make sure you bring all your phone and tablet chargers. If you are on a long journey, you may be using more battery power then you usually do. And the kids will thank you as well when their video games stop working.


Anything you consider valuable, you should consider taking with you in your travels. It almost goes without saying that you should not put any money on the moving truck. But there are other considerations when we talk about valuables. If you have any jewelry or expensive family treasures, you should consider taking those with you. It’s not that you can’t trust your moving company but more for peace of mind. You’ll want to also carry any important paperwork or documents with you such as passports, birth certificates and other papers you cannot not lose.

Children’s Items

Make sure you double check everything your children need for your journey. And we mean everything…If the moving van leaves town and your kid’s favorite toy or blanket is on that truck, you are not going to be happy. And neither are your kids. Your best bet is to have them start a list of items they want to keep with them on your trip. And have them start that list as early as possible. Help them through the process and make suggestions based on your experiences. We also now that is this day, you are going to want to make sure you have all their electronics with them-phone, iPad, other gaming devices and that DVD player if you still use it.


Make absolutely sure you have all your medications with you during your move. You do not want to be in a situation that puts you without a family member’s medication, especially if it is a matter of life or death. Those can include inhalers for breathing, medication for allergies and allergic reactions such as an EpiPen, and others that are critical in nature. Also, if you have mediation that requires refrigeration, make sure you have a cooler with adequate cooling or ice with you. If you are traveling a long distance, check your icy every few hours to make sure it is still cold.

Pack This
There are several things you can take with you to make sure moving day is a bit less stressful. Some items to make moving day a bit easier are, snacks for everyone, including a pet if they are traveling with you. You might want to bring a extra set of clothing in case you get tied up somewhere or you have to stay overnight at a hotel. By that same idea, bring clothing to sleep in and maybe a bathing suit for the kids so they can have fun in the hotel pool. And of course, toiletries such as soap, toothpaste and other items.

Aside from medication and your son’s favorite teddy bear, if you do forget to bring these items with you, you can always go to a store and purchase something. But it is a good idea to be prepared for your move.

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!