Another firm yes for this question. In a recent blog we answered the question, “Should I have a contract with a moving company?” That was a firm yes as well. The moving company you choose, whether it’s a Boston moving company or any other location, needs to have a license to operate. You’ll see on most trucks what they call the DOT Number. It’s typically on the door of the vehicle. It’s issued by the Department of Transportation. That’s the number movers need to have to transport your goods. When the representative comes to your home to survey your move, ask for that number. You can very easily find out if the moving company you chose has one by going to That’s the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. If they don’t, you have some options. Actually, you have one option. Walk away. There really is no other option but to find another moving company. It goes to show you how they might operate their business in other areas. If they can’t obtain the proper permitting, they don’t deserve your business and it could actually get you into a situation you don’t want to be in. There could be liability on your part if a member of the crew gets injured on your property. If they don’t have a license, what else don’t they have? Insurance, etc… Be smart about the kind of moving company you hire. See more in my discussion with Jim.

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