Valentine’s Day is for everyone: parents, kids, friends, neighbors – anyone you care about (it’s not just for couples). Concentrate on the giving instead of getting your hopes up on the getting.  Valentine’s day should be celebrated and embraced by all.  Make this Feb 14th all about spending time and sharing with those you care about, like your friends and family, not stressing out about the pressures of presents and presentations.  Valentine’s day can be very stressful because of all the pressure put on people to come up with the perfect plan, so why not forget that this year and focus on giving from the heart instead. Here are a couple suggestions to reconnect with those people you don’t see or talk to as often as you would like, or just to do something nice for others. Send a card to your college roommate, Call your Mom just so say you were thinking of her, Volunteer your time to those in your community who need help, Bake some goodies and share them with coworkers or neighbors. If you know someone who has recently moved or is away at school or has been through a rough patch, you may want to send a little extra love their way. For those you do see every day, don’t just show your appreciation on Valentine’s Day, but rather show appreciation to those you love any day of the year.  You will enjoy yourself more if you focus on what you can do for others versus what you want others to do for you.  Everyone likes to be acknowledged and appreciated, and doing so throughout the year is a great way to make someone feel good and knowing you did a good thing.

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