What is the difference between climate controlled storage and warehouse storage? This is a question that is often asked by customers who are unsure of what they need for storing their items. To clear up the confusion we will explain what each type of storage should entail. Climate controlled storage is not needed for household good items. This type of storage is humidity controlled, temperature controlled to the degree and usually under high security. It is really only relevant if you are storing an art collection, antique furniture, wine storage, or things of that nature. This storage is for items that are very sensitive. Normal storage in a warehouse is recommended for household goods.

Warehouse storage is a facility that is heated and the air circulates. These are two components important for household goods. So, the next time you hear the term climate controlled storage figure out if it is true climate controlled and if you actually need it for the goods you are storing. Now you know the facts for when you need to store your items.

Humboldt storage facility

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