For interstate moves: generally, yes. If your mover transports your household goods on a non-binding estimate, your mover must determine the actual weight of the shipment in order to calculate its lawful tariff charge. If your mover provided a binding estimate and has loaded your shipment without claiming you have added additional items or services, the weight of the shipment will not affect the charges you will pay.


Your mover must determine the weight of your shipment before requesting you pay for any charges dependent upon your shipment’s weight. Most movers have a minimum weight charge for transporting a shipment.


If your shipment appears to weigh less than the mover’s minimum weight, your mover must advise you on the order for service of the minimum cost before transporting your shipment. Should your mover fail to advise you of the minimum charges and your shipment is less than the minimum weight, your mover must base your final charges upon the actual weight, not upon the minimum weight.

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