Moving can be stressful and that’s why it is critically important to choose the right moving company. You have enough to do without having to deal with any challenges or issues regarding the company you have chosen. In short, your moving company should help you relax through the process.

If you are searching for a moving company, and you spot any of these red flags, that should be a cause for concern.

Moving company does not have proper licensing

A reputable moving company must have the necessary licenses as well as insurance to legally operate. If the moving company you are dealing with is unable or unwilling to provide proof, that is a significant red flag.

Not conducting a proper survey

If your moving company is not offering a survey in advance of your move, you should stop. The only way to get an accurate estimate of the extent of your move and allow you to budget properly is for a professional to survey the move in advance. That can be in person or virtual. Virtual surveys are now becoming widely accepted and accurate. But before you move, you must have a survey.

Unrealistic low estimates

If the company you’re dealing with provides you with a quote that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Consumers must be cautious of moving companies that provide an estimate that is much lower than other companies. Lowball estimates can indicate that you may be seeing additional fees tacked on later that you are unaware of.

Lack of transparency

In short, a moving company with a great reputation should be transparent about services, pricing, policies and anything else regarding your move. You should have a direct point of contact and all your questions should be answered quickly. It’s also mission critical that you have a written agreement with that moving company.

No physical address

The moving company you are considering working with should have a physical address and professional office space. You should avoid companies that only provide a PO Box and cannot have a verified physical presence. We always recommend touring the moving company especially if you’re considering storage.

High percentage of negative reviews

Online reviews are always questionable and open to interpretation but if the moving company you are speaking with has a high number of negative reviews, it should cause you to pause. Looking at online reviews is an important part of the process but equally important is asking friends, family and even your real estate professional about the reputation of a moving company.

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