As an international moving company in Boston, we have conducted countless moves around the globe over the past few decades. As you can imagine, an international move can be far more complex than just moving to a new home in the same town.

Because of that, there are a whole host of factors that you’ll need to understand and consider when embarking on a move to another country.

Realistic expectations about control of your international move

When you’re moving to another country, your international moving company will book a container with your household items on a shipping vessel. However, one important fact to consider is that if there is increased demand, your container could get bumped and placed on the next vessel. When it comes to timing, everyone involved in your move needs to set realistic expectations and anticipate that your items could be delayed.

International moving takes more time

As you might imagine, an international move is going to take more time than local moving. There are many more logistics as well as other people that will have a hand in executing your move. Depending on where you are moving around the globe as well as the time of year, it may take a few months before your move is completed. If you are moving to another country, you should set these expectations.

There are many regulations around an international move

Every country can have its own set of regulations when it comes to moving so it’s important for you to ask the right questions from your international moving company about anything that could be your responsibility when it comes to regulations. A reputable moving company that conducts international moves will keep up to date on the various regulations in different countries. But in moving, doing your homework as a consumer always pays off.

Looking for info on an international move and even required documents? Check out our international moving page.

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