No two International Moves are the same. Each and every International Relocation starts with an initial consultation with our one of our Global Move Specialists to better understand your specific needs.

After our in-depth needs analysis, we will get back to you with a detailed International Moving and Relocation Plan including your customized proposal.

Throughout the entire international relocation process, we work with you every step of the way to identify the paperwork, packing requirements and customs documentation necessary to ensure a smooth transition to your new destination.

Our comprehensive approach to international relocation management is based on decades of experience and has been designed to remove the stress from the process so that you can focus on what is important…your new life!

Phase 1 : Understanding Your International Move

The first step in your move is a consultation with a Humboldt Global Relocation Consultant. We need to understand your needs and explain the preparation involved in an international move.

During our initial consultation, we’ll assess your needs by visually surveying the items you will be moving and/or storing. Humboldt Storage & Moving also offers both short and long term storage in our safe and secure storage warehouse located conveniently just South of Boston, MA in Canton, MA.

Following the consultation, you will receive a customized relocation proposal typically within 48 hours.

Phase 2 : Booking Your Move

Upon acceptance of our proposal, a well trained & highly knowledgeable Humboldt Global Move Specialist will get in touch with you to book your move.

As your single point of contact, their phone number is the only one you will need to address any questions or issues related to your move. During your initial conversation, they will explain the specific details of your move and gather unique important information and requirements that will make your move go smoothly.

If you have pets, high-value items, need temporary housing, or have special timeline considerations, now is the time to communicate them to your Global Move Specialist. Unlike a domestic move, each unique detail or special request may have ramifications on multiple legs of the journey.

Having accurate information is critical to a successful international move, and one of the key goals of the Global Move Specialist is to make it as easy for you as possible.

A major part of this involves planning for customs. Rules and regulations can vary greatly from country to country. While we know them well, it is just as important we gain a detailed picture of the type of items you will be moving, so we can make the necessary arrangements and inform you of important information.

This information will also enable us to present the correct insurance options to you, book the right modes of transportation, and plan for proper packing, wrapping, and crating.

Phase 3 : Planning Your International Move

Your Humboldt Global Move Specialist will call to confirm and secure exact dates and times. In addition, they will follow up with you regarding customs documents, moving requirements, and needs at your destination.

We will also walk you through the Humboldt International Moving Checklist:

  • One Month Until Move
    • Book moving date as far in advance as possible.
    • Arrange insurance coverage for move.
    • Make list of what goes and what stays behind.
    • Ensure passport, visas, and any vaccinations are up to date.
    • Obtain copies of your medical records.
    • Arrange forwarding of your mail.
    • Transfer or close bank accounts and check tax status.
  • Three Weeks Until Move 
    • Sort through attic, lofts, sheds, and garage to downsize and get rid of items that will not be moving.
    • Contact your local Board of Elections to arrange for any absentee ballots.
  • Two Weeks Until Move
    • Schedule disconnection of cable, phone, and internet service.
    • Arrange utility meters for gas, water, and electricity to be read on day of your move and any bills to be forwarded.
    • Arrange collection of any rented items.
    • Start emptying fridge, freezer, pantry.
  • One Week Until Move
    • Get together and make copies of important documents. Keep one set and give the other to Humboldt. Prepare to carry them with you on the move.
    • Forward all required documents to Humboldt including: passport copies, completed and signed customs forms, insurance applications, and other required documents.
    • Double check and confirm all the details of your move with Humboldt.
    • Empty safety deposit boxes.
    • Drain lawn mower and other power equipment of oil & gas.
    • Pack suitcases with items you will need on your trip and immediately upon arrival.
  • On Moving Day
    • Leave the hard work to the Humboldt Moving Professionals.
    • Be available to the Humboldt crew and complete final walk though to ensure all items have been taken and nothing has been left behind.
    • Keeps valuables, personal items, and medicine on you.
    • If no one is moving into your old home, turn off the power and water, secure the house and hand the keys over to your real estate agent.
    • Relax and get moving.

Phase 4 : Moving Day

To start the day, the Humboldt crew will arrive and complete a walk through of your home to understand the parameters of the move. From there, they will begin the packing and wrapping of your belongings and take a written inventory of the goods.

Humboldt uses only the highest-grade packing materials, so you can rest easy knowing your belongings will arrive safely and intact. We will pack and label boxes, and place  them in shipping containers for the type of transit you are using.

We will also cover all your furniture with special wrapping designed to protect against the elements of overseas transit and use specially designed international crates for added protection of items of extreme value or intricate nature.

Disassembly of simple furnishings like bed frames is included, but for larger and more intricate furnishings, optional handyman services are available. Check with your Global Move Specialist to determine if you will require those services.

During move day, a Humboldt Global Move Specialist will be in contact to ensure that everything is going smoothly. This will also be the time any outstanding paperwork or questions are addressed.

Phase 5 : In Transit

Your Humboldt Global Move Specialist will remain in constant contact with you throughout transit to update you on key checkpoints in shipment, customs clearance, and estimated time of arrival.

If a portion of your items are heading to storage, Humboldt will transport them to our secure storage warehouse. Our facility has over 135,000 square feet of heated storage, 4,800 cubic feet of climate controlled storage, four climate-controlled security vaults for high-end storage needs, nine loading docks, and it is all protected by digitally monitored cameras.

Depending on the distance of your move, you may arrive at destination weeks before your belongings.

In these situations, Humboldt can be an invaluable resource for arranging temporary housing, furniture rental, orientation tours, language training, and most any other service you may need to get acclimated with your new home. Just ask! We have the connections you need and a desire to help in any way we can.

Phase 6 : Arrival & Unpacking

Humboldt has developed a trusted network of designated approved Global Moving Partners in countries around the globe to handle the last leg of your international move. They will handle the customs clearance, pick up your shipment at the port, transport it to your final destination, and complete the delivery to your new residence.

Lastly, your Humboldt Global Move Partner will unpack and assemble your belongings, a service that’s a part of every international move. Handyman services are available to assemble larger pieces and more intricate furnishings. Check with your Global Move Specialist to determine if you will require those services.

After unpacking, our Global Move Partner will remove any moving related debris, and your Global Move Specialist will be in touch one last time to see how you are acclimating to your new country and to followup on the details of your move.