Moving with Kids – Ask the Humboldt Experts

Moving can be a stressful, confusing, transitional time for kids. Children are sometimes left out of the process because there are so many things that need to be addressed. However, by keeping focus on the positive and using a few helpful tips, you can help your kids feel more involved in the relocation process and push many of their worst fears aside.

Tip #1 : Open Communication

Talk to your child about the move often, giving them as much information as you can. Let them know why the move is happening and communicate each step of the way letting them know what to expect. Plan time for a “Question and Answer” session where the kids can ask you any and everything about the move.

Tip #2 : Don’t Fear the Unknown

Nothing is more intimidating and can cause more stress than the thought of the unknown. If your new home is not far away, bring your child to see it before move day to resolve any fears of the “unknown”. Bring your child to visit the new school he or she will be attending. Find out what programs or sports they may offer and relay this information to your child as this will give them something to look forward to. Check out the area you are moving to and find fun places to go or things to do. Talk with your child about these places, whether is it an arcade, bowling alley, or playground. Build excitement about the new home so the kids look forward to the move and are not stress and unsure about what is to come.

Tip #3 : Involve Them In The Move

Making a child feel special during a move can make all the difference. That is why here at Humboldt, we work hard to involve your children in the process. When you move with Humboldt, all children 12 and under receive a special personalized packet in the mail with a “So You’re Moving” letter, Humboldt T-Shirt, and a Kid’s Moving Kit. Consider allowing the kids to pack their favorite toys in a special box. Or to select the color of their room at the new house. This hands on experience will help reduce stress and build excitement for the move process.

Tip #4 : Commemorate the Past

Before your move, let your child take pictures of their friends and old home and neighborhood to document their memories. Make sure your child has a way to stay in touch with their friends after the move. Write down your new address and contact information for your kids to give out in return. Knowing they will still have contact with their old friends and their old life will help ease the transition.

Stick to these tips and your relocation will be a fun, memorable experience for your children.