Well, we have finally launched our blog. It’s crazy that in 2008, we might be the first moving company to have a blog. This fact alone speaks volumes about Humboldt. In an industry where technology is sometimes slow to penetrate (it’s not uncommon for a Boston moving company to still come out with a pen and paper when doing a survey) Humboldt truly is a leader. We recognize that if we want to reduce the stress of our customers we must embrace technology as much as possible. So in addition to using PDAs for surveying, switching to virtual documents internally, investing in the best move management software available, and the many other initiatives we have launched, we now add blogging. Our goal with this blog is to open up 2-way communications with our customers, vendors and industry comrades in hopes to gain insight into new ways to better reduce the stress of moving. Please enjoy, share your thoughts and feel free to come back often!

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