New England is a wonderful region of the United States; we have our successful sports teams and our four wonderful seasons. The moving industry is one with high stress levels for all involved and Humboldt Storage and Moving is attempting to limit the stress on all involved. The high paced summer presents its challenges with the high demand. On the other hand, the winter has its challenges that differ. One major challenge in New England is the snow fall amounts each year. As a Boston based moving company we endure the riggers of the traffic in Boston and maneuvering around the tight streets of the North and South Ends, and I am talking about with 80 degree temperatures in June. Now add two feet of snow to each side of the street where the plows have made room for cars to drive down, and cones and barrels residents have laid out to stake the claim of the spot they have shoveled. Moving in Boston has now become that much harder. As a company it is important that we deal with these unexpected circumstances and take the stress off the customer and complete the job in a superior matter. Our crews have handled this problem with professionalism and have made the appropriate decisions to cause the customer no additional stress. On many occasions our crews have had to park an extra distance away to find a cleared parking space. By no means has this been an easy task for our crew, this has only made there job more difficult, but each member of the Humboldt team understands that each customer is highly important and we will do what it takes to deliver a stress free move. On the other hand, rural areas of New England also face the rigors of Mother Nature and as a moving company this provides an equal challenge. When positioning a truck at residence it may become more difficult based on the weather factor. Again as a company we need to do our part to reduce the stress of the shipper. On multiple occasions we have crews go above and beyond the call of duty with assisting customers on providing a safe surface. This includes shoveling driveways, walkways, and sanding these surfaces (tasks that are the customer’s responsibility). Through the vigorous winter season in New England, Humboldt Storage and Moving strives to deliver the same stress free move that we deliver on the perfect meteorological day.

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