To continue with our winter moving tips we wanted to give you some tips on how to pack during the cold months. Most moving trucks are not temperature controlled so you need to put extra thought into what can go into the truck during winter. Temperature sensitive items Items such as plants, things that can freeze, etc. need to be well protected and kept from cold exposure. You should pack them in your own car or in the cab of the moving truck. Extra Warmth Pack a separate box or bag with cold weather gear, this includes, extra blankets, and warm clothing. Packing Be sure to pack and organize extra early, that way you will spend less time out in the cold. Don’t leave boxes outside; water will make the cardboard dissolve. Make sure home electronics and appliances, and their cables are packed well so no water or moisture can get in. Winter moving doesn’t have to be something to dread, you can move successfully and have a good experience. Even with the cold and snow you just need to relax, and we will get you moving.   Google

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