What you should know before moving to Boston

Are you moving to Boston or a town near Boston? Congratulations, you are moving to one of the most exciting areas in the country. It goes without saying that there is a tremendous amount of history in this region and there are so many ways to enjoy living in Beantown or nearby.

While it might get cold at certain times of the year, and snow, we know you are going to enjoy calling the area of Boston home.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are moving to Boston.

There is no shortage of things to do around Boston.

There’s so much history in this region that you could almost go on a mini vacation every weekend and see something new. Just in the city alone, there are hundreds up historical sites to see as well as a tremendous arts and entertainment scene. Travel just outside of Boston and there is even more such as the towns of Lexington and Concord. You will not get bored living in Massachusetts and you will find something new just about every weekend here. From historical sites to art museums, there is something for everyone and all ages.

Do you like to eat?

We like to think Boston has the best food scene in the country. As you may know, Boston is a melting pot have so many different backgrounds and cultures at Boston has shown over the years just what a food powerhouse it has been. Most notably, the North End of Boston has countless Italian restaurants to choose from. And we are talking authentic Italian food. Get out in the suburbs and there are so many different styles of food, pubs and new restaurants popping up all the time. You will never starve or get bored of food living in Greater Boston.

One of the best sports towns in the country.

If you like winning, then Boston is The Premier sports town for you. We know not everyone is a Patriots fan in other parts of the country but once you move here, you will be a fan for life. Winning Super Bowls never gets old. But you have more than the Patriots. We have the world champion Celtics, a great team in the Bruins, the historic Fenway Park and we even have professional soccer in the Revolution. Boston is clearly esports community and we have diehard fans to prove it. And don’t forget the historic Boston Marathon.


Greater Boston is the home to one of the largest concentrations of biotechnology firms and other technology. We have seen more innovation in the past decade from the Greater Boston area than in recent memory. Some of the biggest names in science and technology called Boston their home and if you work in this field, this is a great place for you to call home as well. These firms also contribute many resources to the Greater Boston community and our great neighbors.

A healthcare Mecca.

Many of the best hospitals and health care professionals call Boston home. People fly from all over the world to get medical care. If you want to find the best doctors and surgeons and the latest in medical research, it’s right here in Boston.

A great place to get an education.

Boston is home to some of the most prestigious universities and learning centers in the country. There is something for everybody in this region. Of course, we have Boston College, Harvard University, MIT and many others but Massachusetts is also home to one of the best Community College systems in the country.

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