If you are wondering what type of boxes are best when moving to a new home, our experts have you covered here. Below will run through briefly the more popular type of boxes and when you should use them.

Because our goal here is to make sure you have a move that is stress-free, we want to make sure that you cover one of the most important aspects of your move and that’s packing properly. And when it comes to making sure you pack everything in your home the right way, you’re going to want to use the correct boxes.

One thing we highly recommend you stay away from is grabbing boxes from your local store. While this might be convenient for you, packing them can be difficult and moving companies can move you much easier if you have a house full of uniform boxes. In short, ask your local moving company for the boxes below.

Small moving boxes

Smaller moving boxes are perfect for heavier items such as books. And these boxes are small for a reason. So you don’t pack them so heavy that they are difficult to move. If you have a ton of books or other heavy items in your home, you’ll want to stock up on small moving boxes.

Medium boxes are good for less heavy items

Once you’ve got your books packed in smaller boxes it’s time to get to the medium-sized box. These are great for a whole host of items around your home. They can be especially efficient when moving items in your kitchen such as pots and pans and other items that are light and not breakable.

What can you put in a large moving box?

When you get large moving boxes from your moving company, it’s important to place the appropriate items in these as well. The perfect use for large moving boxes should be in the bedroom. You can pack sheets, comforters and pillows, and even seat cushions in these types of boxes.

Dish packs are designed for the kitchen

Yes when it comes to packing up your kitchen, we have boxes specially designed to minimize your stress. Dish packs are perfect because they are built in such a way to protect your dishware, China, and other heavy items in your dining room. You’ll also want to ask your moving company about boxes where you can store glassware. And if you need to understand how to pack those glasses, check out our YouTube video.

Wardrobe boxes are perfect for all your clothing

It’s a safe bet that you probably have more clothes than you know you have. So when you begin the process of packing, not only go through your closets but hit the crawl space and the attic to find all your clothes. Ask your moving company for wardrobe boxes. Wardrobe boxes also have metal bars where clothes can be hung so it’s easy to transport your clothes from one closet to your new closet.

Ask your moving professional for the proper type of moving boxes. And if you have high-value items that need extra protection, ask about specialty crating for maximum Peace of Mind.

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!