OK all you college grads, those that are entering the workforce, and all you others that are finally venturing out on your own. If you have finally decided to leave the nest and move into your new apartment, we have a few expert tips on how to make your transition as stress-free as possible.

Moving to your first apartment can be an exciting process. You’re finally out on your own, you have your own space and you can make that space your own however you wish. But you also need a number of items that you probably enjoyed when you lived with your parents or others. You might go looking for that can opener and realize you don’t even have one.

Here is a small list of items you should be thinking about purchasing for your new apartment.

Have adequate cleaning supplies

The first thing you’re probably wanting to do is to clean the apartment before you settle down. Your landlord may have conducted a cleaning but most people tell us they feel much more comfortable when they clean the apartment themselves ahead of time as it gives them Peace of Mind. So make sure you come to your apartment equipped with the cleaning supplies you need. Not only purchase cleaning products, detergents, and bleach but make sure you have ample amounts of sponges, cleaning rags as well as paper towels.

Purchase items for your bathroom

If you’re coming from your previous home, you may not have the items you need to fully outfit your bathroom. That includes everything from shower curtains, bathmats as well as a small area rug for safety as well as the other basic items needed. That includes toilet paper, soaps, towels, bathroom spray, and even a trash barrel. And don’t forget curtains for the bathroom window.

Go food shopping

You can’t get takeout forever and at some point, you’re going to have to go food shopping. While you might already have the basics in your new apartment there are so many other food items that you might be looking for at some point. Some of those items include flour for baking, salt and pepper, oils for cooking, coffee, and other items that were usually at arm’s reach in your previous home. And don’t forget the ketchup and mustard!

Make sure you have renters insurance

This is clearly not a physical item you can see and touch, but it should be on your list to secure. In fact, your landlord may require it. Having renters’ insurance protects you and your landlord from any possible damage to your rented apartment. We understand that securing your first apartment may be a big step and you’re watching your money carefully, but this is added protection that anyone renting an apartment should have.

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