The summer months are well underway, which means we are in the thick of the busiest moving season of the year. Here at this Boston moving company, we want you to be stress free and prepared for any move, but during the summer, busy schedules and booked movers can make things even more stressful. If you are thinking about booking a moving company during the summer months, chances are that they are stretched thin and are running on an extremely tight schedule. A good philosophy is to the sooner you book, the better. It is possible that booking early could differentiate in the price you pay for the move. Remember, booking early gives you time to prepare for moving day, which will you’re your life, and the lives of your movers easier. If you are properly packed and prepared before the movers show up to your home, it could result in a faster, seamless, stress free move. Communication is key when you are moving, you should maintain regular contact with your moving consultant so they know everything that you are planning on doing for moving day, that way there will be less questions when the day arrives. Communicating is also important because you can avoid many potential problems. If you tell your movers that you will be packed when they arrive, and life gets in the way and the packing doesn’t get done, then it can be difficult for the moving company to adjust. If you are a smaller move, it is very important to book a moving company early. This is because, during the summer months, moving companies could be booked but with larger moves, or those moving across state lines or internationally. If that is the case, you might have a longer time between moving interstate, the question of transit times is brought up consistently, if you are moving a smaller space, you should expect a longer period of time in between transit. This is because there are other trucks moving larger houses across state lines. Bottom line, communication is key when you are moving, especially during the summer. If you book early, keep your mover informed if your item list grows or shrinks in any capacity, this could affect the cost of the move and it will take more (or less) time for the movers to gather your belongings and get on the road. We sat down with our company President, Jim Sullivan, to help further explain the important things you should do when moving during the summer! Take a look!

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