Many people ask us what they should do with their pets on moving day to not only keep them safe but keep everybody else safe. It’s a great question and there are a few answers. We all love our furry little friends and they are part of the family but caring for them on moving day is a must.

Now, some of us have that big old lazy dog that just likes to sit in front of the fireplace and be happy. But others have pets that are always curious and going from one room to the next. How do we keep everybody safe? Because there are all types of pets, we’ll discuss moving with dogs and cats here.

Here are a few tips for how to care for our pets on moving day.

Make sure your pets stay in a safe place on moving day

Make sure your dog or cat is not free to run around your entire property on moving day. Some pets may experience anxiety because there are new people in the home and may jump around or even run from one room to the next. It’s important to either keep them in one single location to keep everybody safe. You might even consider having them stay offsite with family or friends for the day. Make sure they have all the food they need and the toys they love when they stay with others.

Traveling with your pets in the car

Depending on how long it is to your new destination, you’ll want to prepare properly for the car ride to your new home. Most experts agree that you’ll want to have your pet travel in a crate if appropriate. This keeps them safe and it can even keep them calm. Make sure you have all the pet food you need for the length of your travel and of course their favorite items. You’ll also want to make sure that you make the appropriate stops to allow them to run around, stretch their legs, and do their thing.

Obtain and carry medical records from your veterinarian

If you’re moving long-distance and even moving to another state, you want to get your pet’s medical records ahead of time and keep those with you during your journey to your new home. If something happens if you’re driving to your new house it can help any veterinarian if you have past medical records for your cat or dog. Plus, you’ll want to have those anyway as you find a new veterinarian for your pet.

Keep a close eye on your pets at your new home

When you arrive at your new home, you’ll want to keep your cat or dog inside for a period of time. Your pet may experience stress in a new house and they may need to find their way around so you’ll want to make sure they don’t run out of your home and get lost. We love our pets here at Humboldt and stress reduction is not only for you but your pets as well.

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