You and your family have gone through the entire moving process. You packed everything in your previous home, hired a local moving company, put everything on their trucks, and transported all that to your new home.

Your moving crew placed all your furniture and other heavy items where you asked them to and now you are left with what could be countless boxes to unpack. And that could be just the start of what you need to do to feel more comfortable in your new home after moving.

What should you do to make your new house a home after a move?

Make sure all your boxes are in the correct rooms

If your boxes have been labeled correctly, and you have guided your professional moving crew, your boxes should already be in the room they belong. But before you start ripping boxes open, it’s a good idea to just double-check the boxes are in the right rooms. And if you have created a moving inventory, this should be a very quick task. You can eliminate a lot of moving stress by making sure everything is in its proper place.

Unpack items you need immediately

We know from many of our clients, the first thing they’re going to look for is the coffee machine. And that’s probably a smart idea. You’re going to need lots of coffee to unpack everything you just moved. But you also need to make sure that you unpack your essentials first. Some of those items might include dishware, snacks that you might want during unpacking, clothing if you need to go to work the next day or other items that are vital to you leading a normal life. You can add toiletries to that list as well as your kids’ favorite toys if you have children.

Go food shopping

Yes, you could probably live on take-out for a couple of days but you are eventually going to have to hit the grocery store. You may have brought various canned goods with you on your move, but you’ll find quickly you’re lacking all your perishable items. Because your cabinets and shelving may be bare because you are in a new home, going food shopping immediately is a great idea.

Introduce yourself to your new neighbors

Don’t wait weeks on end to say hello to your new neighbors. It’s important during your first week to go next door, ring the bell and just say hello briefly. You want to feel as comfortable as possible in your new neighborhood and getting to know the people next door is a great way to do that. Ask them what they like most about the neighborhood and even ask them for restaurant recommendations.

Complete the job of unpacking

Guess what? We have conducted moving jobs where years later there are still boxes packed from the last move in the home. You need to finish the job of unpacking to make yourself feel as comfortable as possible in your new home. We get it… sometimes this is no fun, but it needs to be done because if you don’t, you’ll be living out of boxes for the future. If you just don’t have the time, inquire about professional packing services from a moving company.

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