You make checklists for grocery shopping. You make worksheets for all your projects at your job. And you make lists for your holiday shopping. And if you’re moving, which might be just one of the largest projects you ever tackle, you’re going to need a checklist. It’s that simple.

Having a checklist for your move is absolutely critical. Because we still need to live our lives, work on jobs, get the kids to school and help them with their homework while getting ready for a move, you’re certain to forget a few things if you don’t have everything in writing.

Your moving checklist can be very long during the entire course of the moving process, but there are several tasks that should be right at the top of your moving list.

Research and meet with moving companies

We have a habit of saying this over and over again, but it is one of the most important parts of experiencing a stress-free move. You must get the ball rolling as early as possible when finding a professional moving company. If you want to get the date you need for a move and have plenty of time for planning, finding the right moving company needs to be a top priority. You’ll also need a professional survey to get an accurate quote for your move. Now, this can be done virtually but it still needs to be completed.

Make a list of what is important to you

We like to say here that everybody has a move personality. And everybody’s move is going to be different including requirements and demands. So we ask here that you tell us everything that can help us create a relaxing moving experience. If you want items packed and protected a certain way, ask your moving company. If you have family members that have special needs, make sure you address that with your moving professionals. In short have a list of what is important to you and your family. What will give you the customer experience you require for your move?

Create a moving budget

When you meet with your local moving company and find out how much your move will cost, you can now create a moving budget. Other items on your budget you may want to consider include boxes and packing materials, storage of items if needed, travel whether by air or driving as well as hotel accommodations if you’re moving long-distance. Put this all down in your moving budget so there are no surprises.

Start packing your home

If you know you are going to be moving and there is no doubt, you can never start packing too early. There are always items in your home that you can do without for a short period of time. Once you meet with your moving company, they can supply you with the necessary boxes and packing materials. And if you don’t have time, you should ask them about professional packing services. But we can’t emphasize enough, leaving packing until the last minute will only cause everyone involved unnecessary stress. Including the movers.

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