The summer months are starting, and with that begins the busiest moving season of the year. Millions of people around the U.S are packing up and moving, and here at Boston’s oldest moving company we want to make your big moving day special and stress free. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving down the street or moving to the United States from another country, we offer the same relaxed stress free services for almost everything to help you deal with everything moving day has to offer. The U.S. census bureau estimates about 1 million people move into the United States every year. Those coming from abroad to the United States have many items on their to-do list to make sure their move is a successful one. Well, here at Humboldt,  we move over 1500 customers internationally each year. I sat down with our own International Relocation expert Steve Dozois, and him and I have a few more tips to make sure your journey to the United States goes off without a hitch. -There are a number of forms you need to fill out before moving to the U.S. The three major forms are the 3299 US customs form, the supplemental declarations form, and the power of attorney form. This allows your moving company to clear all of your items through customs on your behalf. -In addition, you will need copies of every family member’s passports, or visas if you are not a US citizen. Remember, these copies have to be legible. -Another important question many movers ask is how to find a moving company within the United States. The first step would be to look on the internet, but remember to be aware of brokers, make sure the company has an actual address within the United States. -When searching for a moving company, it would be helpful to ask your friends, your company’s Human Resources department, family members, or co-workers about their experiences moving abroad. They can provide a unique perspective on the international moving process, and their shared information could become invaluable. Some companies leave the paperwork up to the consumer, but here at Humboldt we can assist you with paperwork when entering the United States. And don’t forget to proper evaluation as well, no one likes arriving to their new home is a broken or misplaced item. Humboldt we work hard to make your trip to the United States seamless and stress-free, we want you to relax and get moving! Last time we talked about moving out of the United States, now I put together a video going over these important tips for moving into the United States, take a look!

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