With all the details one has to manage during a move, packing seems pretty straight forward; fill boxes with belongings to be transported to a new location. Wrong… What many people overlook is the value of using packing materials that meet their specific relocation needs. This Boston moving company will work with you to provide advice and supplies to transport your items safely and efficiently.  Yes we know packing is probably the worst part of moving but using the right items can make it a little less stressful. Below we offer a few tips to help movers safely and effectively pack their belongings. Fill Cartons Properly: Since cartons and boxes come in a range of sizes it is important to choose the correct size for the contents. Books, plates and other weighty items should be packed in smaller boxes to make them easy to carry. Larger boxes should be filled with less weighty items like linens, socks or stuffed animals. Utilize a Closet/Wardrobe Box: These tall boxes have a bar at the top and are ideal for moving clothing. Utilizing these boxes keeps clothing clean and undamaged. Many people often keep these boxes post-relocation to store clothing that is not frequently worn. Try Shrink Wrap: This is a great way to keep items with many pieces together or to also secure and join several boxes during a move. Purchase Packing Paper: Plain white packing paper is preferred for wrapping and insulating belongings during a move. Newspaper can often rub off and stain items. Buy Bubble Wrap: Bubble wrap gives particularly fragile and valuable items extra protection to assure they arrive unharmed at their final destination. This product is quite reliable in acting as a protective shield and it is fun to pop during the unpacking process. Jim had a few things to say recently about packing. Get his take on how to tackle this part of your move;

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