You’ve decided to work with an international moving company because you need to relocate for your job, or maybe you’ve decided on a new adventure with your family.

Whatever your reason is, you’ll want to work with international movers that understand the complexity of moving to another country.

One of the first things you should look for on your international move is a moving company with a dedicated international division. There are many more parts to an international move than a local move so choose your international movers carefully.

There are a few other important items that the best international moving companies pay close attention to.

Clear guidance and support regarding paperwork, forms and other responsibilities

As you can imagine an international move requires a little more paperwork and documentation than just moving to the next town. You have customs forms, shipper declaration forms, and even additional documentation if you’re shipping an automobile.

You may need to double-check work visas and passports and a whole host of other documentation. The best international moving companies will advise you what forms you need completed to get to your destination smoothly.

And, every country can have it’s own forms and procedures. The best international movers know this.

A clear understanding of how international moving works

There are many other variables when it comes to moving to another country. That includes timing, additional protection for certain items, shipping routes and possible delays.

Your international moving company should provide you with a clear understanding of what it will take to get you and your household goods to your new home in another country. In many cases you will arrive before your goods and it’s essential for you to be aware of that.

A network of trusted partners across the globe

An international moving company must have trusted partners around the globe to create stress-free international moves effectively. Those can be other moving professionals, trusted relationships with ports of destination, storage facilities and more. Ask your international moving company about the quality of their network for international moving.

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