If you’re a real estate professional in the Boston area, then you know you need to keep up with a whole host of trends within your industry. Everything from inventory, the value of homes in the area you serve, mortgage rates, and much more. You know better than anyone, there are many working parts to selling a home and having your clients move into their new home.

It’s also important to understand some of the current trends in the moving business. While we have our busy moving season as you know so well in the warm months here in the northeast, there are many more factors that can affect the moving industry. From current events to world affairs and more, happenings around the country and the globe can affect local moving.

Here are a few important factors for real estate professionals to consider about the moving industry for 2022.

Booking movers early is essential for your real estate clients

One important aspect of the entire real estate transaction that you need to convey to your real estate clients is to make sure that they have contacted a local moving company ASAP. In fact, some great advice you can give your real estate clients when you first meet with them is to just get the process moving with the movers. Even if it’s a phone call, if your clients are planning to move between Memorial Day and Labor Day, they will need to get the process started.

Delays in international moving will continue in 2022

International moving companies in Boston continue to see the effects of delays from other parts of the United States. Several ports, particularly on the West Coast have seen tremendous backups. One of the main reasons is the continued shortage of qualified labor. We’ve seen estimates there can be well over 100 ships waiting to unload some days which is causing a shortage in shipping containers. These containers are a vital part of an international move. If you are a real estate professional and you are working with clients that are relocating internationally, you need to make sure that they understand there can be delays during the moving process.

Increasing driver demand for Interstate movers

There has been an increased demand for qualified drivers to conduct Interstate moves over the past couple of years. And because we know that some of the popular routes in the northeast are clients moving from Boston to Florida or moving from Boston to Texas, it’s imperative that real estate professionals understand this challenge as well. One of the best ways to ensure that your real estate clients can get where they need on an Interstate move is to partner with a national carrier. Because we are a United Van Lines agent in Boston, we have a network of moving professionals around the country that can make sure Interstate moves have the proper staffing available when needed.

The need for climate-controlled storage in Boston is growing

Because of the challenges with International moving and Interstate moving, there has been an increased demand for climate-controlled storage. In some cases, clients have chosen to place their household goods in a climate-controlled warehouse temporarily. If you’re looking to offer your clients a suggestion on how to ease their stress, you may want to recommend temporary storage in a climate-controlled facility. But they do not want to wait because the demand is increasing in the Boston area.

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!