We found out today that United Van Lines CEO, Rich McClure, is going to be on the CBS hit Under Cover Boss. The show will air this Sunday, March 13th @ 9PM EST. Rich endured a major makeover to insure no one would know who he was, check out the pic below. To me it says a lot when the CEO of a big company is willing to stand beside their employees and work side by side. Honestly, it should be required! How else can a leader know what really goes on out in the field or understand the challenges their people/customers face on a daily basis. You don’t learn that sitting behind a big desk in an office with AC… no, no, you learn that when it’s 95 degrees out and you’re one of the Boston movers on the street! Aside from those benefits, it is also key to winning the hearts of your employees. We all know that we’d rather follow someone who we respect and who reciprocates that respect. There is no better way to show respect than standing together on the firing line. At our Boston moving companywe’re really lucky to have great leaders who understand this concept at a deep level. It’s not a story when I say that the CEO/Owner of the company and every member of the management team has been on the trucks or on the phones at one time or another during the mid-summer rush. When I see that commitment as an employee, it reminds me that I’m not alone in this and when it really hits the fan our managers have my back. Be sure to check out Rich and the UVL familiy on Under Cover Boss, 3/13 @9 PM EST!

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