While the bulk of the responsibilities for your upcoming move will be conducted by the moving company you have hired, you as a customer should understand that there are a few responsibilities that you should consider to make your move much more relaxing and less stressful.

These responsibilities come in the form of moving day etiquette. We’re not talking about bowing down to the moving crew or anything like that. Moving day etiquette involves your role in making the move easier and safer for everybody participating.

Here are a number of things you and your family should take responsibility for on moving day.

Let the movers do their job and stay out of the way

That sounds a little harsh but you hired a moving company for a reason. You needed a professional to conduct the job. When you hire professionals for anything, let them do what they do best. Another reason is properly trained moving crews have a system and they know how to move into and out of a house efficiently and safely. So step back, and let the professionals do their thing. That also goes for any pets you may have. Make sure you keep your pets such as a dog in a specific area. A dog running around on moving day could ultimately cause an accident.

Be ready on moving day

Moving companies have a job and that is to move you. You have a job and that’s to be ready when the moving truck shows up. In fact, you should be ready the night before to lay the groundwork for a stress-free moving day. If you are running around when the moving truck shows up and you still have items to pack, you’ll start the day off stressed and it will delay the move.

Keep pathways and entryways clear

Make sure your movers can work around your house as freely as possible. That includes making sure your driveway is empty, walkways and other paths are clear and free from debris, and doorways are not blocked. The professionals will move just about everything you ask them, but they need to have easy access to these areas.

No surprises on moving day

Do not spring any surprises to the moving crew on moving day. You can prevent this by making sure you have the moving professionals conduct a thorough survey. Even if it is a virtual survey by video, give your moving company access to every area of your home. That also includes other structures on your property such as a bond or shed. If there are surprises on moving day, that could delay the move for everybody. Not only that, but you could incur other costs associated with moving.

Do your best to relax on moving day

One of the best ways to relax as we mentioned is to stay out of the way. Let your movers do the job and do what you need to do to lower the stress of you and your family. If you’re experiencing anxiety and stress, you will transfer that to other people such as your movers. Everyone needs to relax and do their job and that includes you.

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