Tips for packing your kitchen before a move

Your kitchen may not be the largest room in the house, but it surely has the most amount of items in your home. You have all shapes and sizes of possessions in your kitchen. From silver Ware, glasses, plates, and even small appliances. You even have heavy items such as frying pans and cast-iron skillets.

And then of course you have all that kitchen furniture. So, as you can see, there is a lot of packing to do when it comes to your kitchen and all the items in it.

Here are a few tips from our professional movers about how to pack up your kitchen before moving day.

Get the correct boxes for moving.

You need to have the right boxes for packing up your kitchen. As we are sure you are aware, there are so many breakable items in your kitchen that you want to take the extra steps and acquire the right boxes and packing supplies. These heavy-duty moving boxes include dish packs, boxes for glasses another sturdy box is meant to pack heavy and breakable items. Tell your moving consultant that you need boxes to pack your kitchen and that person will get you everything you need.

Proper packing materials.

Along with the correct boxes, you will want to get the correct packing material. That includes un-inked white wrapping paper, and heavy-duty packing tape. Wrapping all your kitchenware in white unnamed paper will prevent any sludging that could come from using newspaper. Never use newspaper to wrap your items. Also, make sure you use the appropriate packing tape to secure all your boxes. Never use masking tape to secure a box because it is not meant to be secure and that box could open during moving.

Pack items separately.

You do not want to pack different items in the same box when moving your kitchen. For example, the last thing you want to do is put pots and pans in the same box as glasses or other dishware. You are sure to find broken items when you get to your destination if you pack this way. Pack dishes with other dishes, drinking glasses separately, pots and pans and another box and make sure you pack any small appliances such as toasters, blenders in other kitchen appliances separately.

Use plenty of cushioning paper.

Make sure you get extra wrapping paper from your local moving company. You are going to want to fill any gaps in any boxes you pack for the kitchen. This will keep your boxes tight and will minimize any movement of your breakable items. These boxes will also be much easier to carry in and out of the moving van because the contents will not be moving around.

Leave plenty of time.

As we mentioned, there are probably more items in your kitchen than you realize. We suggest starting early when it comes to packing your kitchen. If you have an upcoming move, there is no need to have everything you own in your kitchen at arm’s reach. You can pack much of your kitchen ahead of time. Leave the basics out such as plates drinking glasses and silverware and any other small appliances you might need. But get packing with the rest of your kitchen.

Don’t forget to refer to our numerous packing videos on our YouTube channel. There you can get are packing experts showing you step by step how to pack numerous items in your house.

If you want to learn more about our professional packing services which are a great option for your kitchen, contact a moving consultant today.

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