Understanding how to move high-value items from one home to the next is incredibly important. While moving everything else in your home needs to be cared for properly, items and collections that can be considered high value, need extra care and protection.

Our team has moved a whole host of high-value items such as art, antiques as well as family heirlooms.

And one item we are frequently asked to care for during a move is wine collections.

Here are a few tips from our high-value moving experts about how to care for your wine collection when moving to a new home.

Get a professional valuation of your wine collection

When moving any type of high-value items such as art or antiquities, it’s a wise decision to have those items analyzed and valuated before moving. And because your wine collection may also fall into that category of high valuation, it’s important to understand that before moving. You should start with your trusted insurance company but you can also seek the advice of a local high-end wine retailer for experts in the field.

How to pack your wine collection

We almost always deter our customers from getting boxes from the liquor store when moving. But this may be one exception to that rule. As you know a wine box is sectioned off and designed for protection so it may be a wise idea to obtain these boxes. To feel more comfortable, you can use packing materials obtained by your moving company to give that wine collection extra protection. If you have very expensive bottles of wine, you’ll want to consult with your moving company for extra protection and possibly crating.

Transporting your wine collection

Depending on the size of your wine collection, and of course, where you are moving to, you may decide to transport your collection in your own automobile. But you will need to understand that if you are moving in the summer, and driving a long distance, this will not be your best option because of the fluctuations in temperature and humidity. If you want to truly protect your wine collection during the move, you’ll want your reputable moving company to do that job. They will have the ability to control the temperature much better than in your automobile.

Should I place my wine collection in storage?

This is a question we get all the time and one that comes up on Interstate moving jobs. For example, if you are moving from Boston to Florida or moving from Boston to Texas, you may want to consider placing your wine in a climate-controlled storage warehouse temporarily. When you want your wine collection delivered, it can be shipped with care.

If you’re moving soon and have high-value items in your home, make sure you speak to our movement consultants and understand what special care we can give your items.

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!