Tips for moving into a small space

So, you’ve decided it’s time to downsize. Maybe you have become an empty nester, or you just got tired of cleaning that big house. Whatever the reason is, you will need some tips on how to move into a smaller space.

It might be a shock, or it might be a relief to you. However, moving into and living in a smaller space could be a bit of a change in the beginning.

Measure your new space

Once you have purchased that new condominium or signed the agreement on that apartment, a tape measure is going to be your best friend. Leave yourself plenty of time to measure all the spaces and every room. That includes stairways and corners. It even helps to take photos and video before you move in. You’ve decided to downsize, and you are going to have less space so measure accordingly. You will also want to share that information with your moving company.

Reduce what you have

This may sound like common sense but one of your top priorities when moving into a smaller space is getting rid of items you either do not need or will not fit. You cannot take everything with you so it’s time to purge some items. There are many ways you can do this. You can host a garage sale, sell your items on various marketplaces, ask family and friends if they need anything or you can donate items to charity. There are many local organizations that are looking for furniture to help families in the community. If you have items that are no use to anyone, get a dumpster.

Get creative with space

For example, if your new kitchen is a fraction of the size of your old kitchen, you are going to have to get creative. That includes choosing new furniture such as a table and you may not have room for all your dishes and glasses. Many apartments and condominiums have hidden little spaces due to the way they are constructed. Look for these little nooks and get creative with your belongings. Also, look for shelving that you could install on the walls. If you are short on floor space, getting creative with shelving can be a great alternative.

Choosing new furniture

If you must buy new furniture for your small space, this is another way to get creative. Purchase items that can have multiple purposes. You may find a sofa or a table with added storage included. This is a great way to maximize your  space. Same goes for bookcases you might purchase. You can find many with extra storage.

Consider storage if needed

Warehouse worker filling a storage containerIf you cannot part with items or your move is temporary, you may want to consider a local storage facility. Consider climate-controlled storage for your items. These facilities usually offer temperature and humidity-controlled storage and can add an extra level of protection for your goods. This is especially important if you have family items that you just need to keep in your possession. You may be moving into a smaller space, but these items are clearly important to you.

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