I’m not sure if there is any time that is better for moving over another. Of course, if we had to choose, it would be sunny and 75 degrees out. But as you know, moving is not always the best of times and this is never more evident than in the cold winter months. As any Boston moving company will tell you, there are far more things that can go wrong with a move in the winter with ice, snow and other cold weather elements. If I had to give my top tips they would be, plan ahead for inclement weather, preparing for the unexpected. Make sure you stay tuned to the weather and have a backup plan if your move gets delayed. Prepare your children for the move as you would at anytime during the year and as you might imagine I would say, hire the right moving company.Humboldt Storage and Moving trains all our crews in how to handle any weather situation and keep your household goods safe. In my video below, we go over some of the not so typical pieces of advice; things you might not have thought of.