One common question that many people moving ask is: Do I need to tip the crew and, if so, how much? First and foremost, tipping is optional. I have heard of some small time boston movers tacking on as much as 20%  for a tip to the final charges, but any reputable moving company would frown upon that. But in moving, as with most other services, any tip the crew receives goes above and beyond what is required by the customer. Secondly, if you decide the service you received was so exceptionable that you would like to give the crew something extra, take into consideration who you are tipping. I say WHO because on a local move the crew loading and delivering will be the same, but on an interstate move that is not likely the case. An interstate move can have a packing crew, loading crew and a delivery crew so if there is a particular crew that you think is doing an outstanding job, either tip them that day or find out if they will be with you the entire move. It may make the most sense to tip the crew leader and let him deal with splitting the money up among his men. You can also consider buying lunch for the crew. Many customers choose to go this route as an alternative (or in addition) to tipping. Helping the crew to stay hydrated and fed will help them to focus on the job at hand, moving you and your family! Remember, tipping your Boston mover is not a requirement, but if you feel like your crew has done an outstanding job and you’d like to give them something extra, feel free, they will appreciate it.

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