Are you moving this summer? Well, you’ll want to check out some of our very simple tips for making your move less stressful during the summer months.

Of course, there’s more to it when it comes to moving but if you follow these three simple principles from moving this summer, you’ll be well on your way to reducing your stress and enjoying your journey during the warm months.

Book your moving company now

Our team has lost count of how many times we’ve told customers to do this but it is one of the foundations of stress-free moving. If you know you need to move, or you’re putting your house on the market, it is very important to contact your moving company ASAP. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, it is peak moving season so it’s incredibly important for you to have a conversation with your moving professional now.

Relax and get packing

Do you want to stress-free move and actually enjoy your summer? Then it is time to get packing for your move. After your moving company survey, ask your moving expert for the correct boxes and packing material and get packing. Get the entire family involved, get some takeout food, put on some awesome music or a great movie, and get ready for your journey. Don’t have time to pack? Ask your moving company about professional packing services.

Purge and donate

The fewer items you have to move, the less stressful your moving day will be. And the fewer costs associated with moving. Take the time to go through your house, decide what you can donate, and make a decision on what you can discard, or gift to family and friends.

There you have it! Follow these three fundamental rules of moving and you’ll be able to enjoy your summer this year.

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!