We bet there’s always something you need when you’re moving into your new home. Some items in your house just don’t make the trip for various reasons or you might find that items in your house were worn out, and to ease the stress of your move, you discarded those before moving day.

Whatever the reasons are, we typically find that families need to purchase several items after they arrive at their new home.

Bathroom supplies for your new home

Do you really want to bring that old plunger or toilet cleaning brush to your new home? We didn’t think so. For many, it makes sense to start new with various bathroom supplies and those are two of them. But you’ll also want to think of other items such as new shower curtains, bathtub mat, area rugs, and even a new toilet seat. Because it is the bathroom, many families just want a fresh start.

Trash cans for weekly pickup

You may find that you have to purchase new trash cans when you move into your new home. One because you may have just discarded the old ones because they were worn out and dirty. But secondly, depending on how you need to dispose of your trash in your new town, you may need to purchase certain types of trash cans. Many cities and towns have put together their own individual regulations so you should check with the public works department for your new local town hall. You may not even have trash pickup in new town and will need to purchase trash cans that you can bring to the local dump.

Municipal permits

Speaking of going to the town dump, you’re going to want to find out if you need to purchase any type of permits within your new community. That can include permits to the town dump or what other communities call transfer stations, and if you’re living in the city, you’ll need to find out quickly if you need any type of parking permits. It’s best to go to your town or City Hall and ask them what type of permits you may need.

Don’t forget to go food shopping

One of our longtime pieces of advice when moving to a new home is to make sure you get rid of as much food before moving day. You can of course eat that food, donate certain food items to the local food pantry or discard of perishable foods before moving. If you are going to donate food items, we have a relationship with Food for Hunger here in Boston. Whatever the case, you’re going to need to go food shopping shortly after you move into your new house. There are definitely items that you are going to find you need sooner or later such as baking supplies, condiments, and protein items such as steak and seafood. We know sooner or later you’re going to get hungry, but some people don’t plan ahead and realize they need to go shopping quickly.

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